Thursday, May 03, 2007

PAstry Party

Yo! SO Tuesday I went to this party. It was a typical NYC industry joint. There Were Models, TV Celebs, and even a few Rappers. I'm gonna give you a full recap in a sec, But for now, her are a few quick flicks.

Oh Yeah! Guess who stopped by? Fresh to def and in full Sorbet-y Effect?

quit playin.


revolva said...

That Remy. She's such a fuckin' lady.
Glad to see you posting again Dex!

Saun said...

You are really doing your thing. You are my "expiration".

Ninjagirrl said...

Like my sista above me said, you are really doing it!!
I love that you are!!

I am getting a Remy/RickJames bangbang this weekend, but I am going to get opposite colors, my bangbang will be black, and the mullet part will be whorange. Will you take my picture?

Coco LaRue said...

Please tell Miguel that somewhere in Harlem, a boy named Coco with half of a Remy Ma bang wants to bear his children.

That is all.