Thursday, May 03, 2007

You gotta Love Pastry

Around 12 noon, Monday, I get an email from one of the publicists that I work with. The message said something about some party the next night that I should be covering. I'm like "Tuesday events = Industry party = wire services+ Magazines = $"

Already, the math is looking good.

Fast forward to: the night of.

I make it to the venue, and as usual, before I spot someone I need to talk to, someone who needs pics, spots me.

Publicist #1: "Dex! Over here!" He points me to a spot under the canopy covering the red carpet. And then he's gone. My kinda boss. :)

Now I can set up ad shoot these fools. Below are the pics I didn't sell.

Before we get to the Party itself, I have to give a special shout out to a great and visually inspired entertainer. Cognac Jack- Um I mean.. Remy Ma.

I likes this broad. I'm always caught off guard when I see see her perform. Not just because Ive never seen her name on a flier, or heard the crowd buzzin wit her name [Sidebar: Usually, after 3 or for acts,the MC announces something like "and now coming to the stage, Remy Ma. Yes, Surprise Bitches! Shes Conceited with a reason and she's gonna tell you allllllll about it!"], but because ole girl is ALWAYS the best act of the night. She's a performer.

But the one thing I like so much about the poet, is that she's exactly the kind of female rapper i can get into. Yeah, visually, she's a hurricane where most chicks strive to be a summers breeze, but dammit, she's a rapper, not a librarian. Besides, underneath all the pastel street gear, and braggadocios bravado is just a little black girl from the Brewser Projects of Detroit Michigan... wait.. thats Miss Ross.

I mean-- Underneath it all is just a little black girl form [insert random ghetto/projects here] of the Boggie Down Bronx, who smoked a lot of herb, hung out with the Latins, and took a pen to paper to chronicle the sights and sounds of her existance.

U Gotta Love Remy.

*Special note from Ninjagirrl*

Business first: Dex asked me to publish this blog for him because his brand new laptop developed the shakes after playing Amy Winehouse's cd. The laptop is now in rehab and is said to be on its way to recovery. Don't worry folks, Dex is still going to be photogging and blogging his arse off.

On to a little Ninja fuggery: I must say I am loving the Remy pics also. Dex's skills get better and better. And unlike Dex, I have never seen Remy Ma in concert, but I have no doubt she beasts the stage. She has a presence for real, I mean her bang alone weighs a ton! Remy would be a great Rick James in what I am sure will be a BET produced BlackBuster (lol) flick "Rick James:Cocaine is a Helluva drug". I don't know about you all, but I for one want to see her tie some chick up in the basement and force her to smoke drugs while singing Fire & Desire. I'll bet that Remy could get an Image Award for that performance. (hell I got one for my mean typing game) Anywhoo.....keep on coming back to the blog for updates and HAWT pics from Dex and perhaps he'll let me drop a word or two sometimes.

*wondering if I got a whorange colored Remy Bang on the Love Below would I be wrong?* YUP!




Jedi said...


Dex good shit my brother!

Saun said...

I've seen Remy in concert and she definitely prides herself on being a rapper. The girl can flow. I just need for her to up you style game just a little and then she could really be doing bigger thangs.

Dex - you need to start puttin a watermark in you pics so folks can't lift them and call them their own. I like your photo style. More artsy than paparazzi.

SupremeAntBee said...

Note to Ninjagirrl: Maybe Dex's laptop is missing a tooth like ol' gal Amy Winehouse. She's definitely got a case of the meth mouth.

The party pics look great, keep up the good work Dex!

Joi said...

I love the pics Dex...

The Simmon's girls look great and it's good to see them using the fame of their dad to do positive things.

*heavy sigh* in regards to Remy Ma. I guess the blonde is her connection to the Latinos while the black portion keeps her grounded in her roots. *shrugs*

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...


Great pics as always! Kudos for the candids of the Bronx Bodega Beast herself, Remy Ma. I think it's her life goal to look as horrible as she can every time she leaves the house.

The Simmons girls are beautiful! are a dayum mess chica LMAO!

Jazz said...

Great Pics, Luv the party scenes on your blog.

Ninjagirrl said...

*waiting for the day I can slide into the corner of Dex's pictures like a beefy biracial version of Where's Waldo, except it'll be Spot the Ninja. I would hide in random spots like under Remy's Bang....*