Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Luv Black People

I really do. Big surprise, huh? *grin*

Hey, have you ever ben so excited about something, that you write it down on all your calendars, save the date in all your electronic formats, tell all your friends about it, pick out an outfit and then when the day comes, it completely slips your mind?

Well that was me and the Dance Africa Festival
at the Brookly Acadamy of Music. Luckily for me my friends Lisa and Desa reminded me about it. In no time, I grabbed my Camera and hit them mean streets.

These pics are how I see my world. These pics are how I see YOU. (click on the pics to see them full sized)

Oh yeah, it was hotter than than a Tamale made in a Kmart Parking lot and i was sweating like an old negro slave so u had BEST appreciate my effort and willingness to lose all my cool to give you these, so drop a comment and let a brotha know what u think :)

FYI: a brotha be short on time so I rarely retouch my pics. Mostly just crop and tag them. I say that cause people always want to know how i get my pics to look the way they do. Im hot, and blessed with a a lil talent. All Praises be to God.


Anonymous said...

I was jealous when you called me from there. Beautiful shots as always. That pic of the little girl is absolutely wonderful. African Queen in training, her hair is the BIDNESS!! I love that you took her pic. I love Black people too, how could you not.

~Sexy TX Gyrl~ said...

I loved them! Especially the lil girl.

~ur lil sis~

Coco LaRue said...

I love the picture of the two little girls. :-D

Dex said...


Joi said...

Hey Dex,

The pics were very nice. Looks like good times at BAM.


Dex said...

"Me" -- NICE. you had me crackin up today at C & D

Anonymous said...

very nice indeed, I was there on Sat. . . . looking real hard to see if I saw me in the background of a picture. . . .you don't know me and i don't know you but hey ya neva know. . . excellent shots. .


faux Diana Veerland said...

I LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE the pictures. I wish I was there looking through the lens. Look like you had funn.

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

Gosh my people are beautiful in every shade *swoon*. Great those two lil ladies in training.

70ssoulchild said...

Hey Dex,
Just stopping by your space to show my love and to give you mad props for these pics! We are beautiful people and your pictures definitely capture that along with the festive mood that folks are showing with their smiles. Wish I could've been there but I'm stuck in Cali. BTW I'm a semi-new (7 mos) C+D Family member and a fan of you, your humor and your blog.
Peace and Love,

Anonymous said...

you're so talented, it's saige (gold lame at yo majesty) and i'm so sad I missed the festival, I really love it too, but am so bad with remembering dates of things!

iwanthamma said...

You're a gifted photographer. These pictures are really nice. When you show me scenes like this, I like black people too!!