Friday, June 01, 2007

Bar Hopping in NYC

10:30 PM... My phone rings. It's Jon-E inviting me to come hang out with him and Freamon. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Fvk that. It's NYC. Nothing normal happens here between the hours of 10pm and 5AM.

I hop on the train and eventually make it to where they were. Turns out, they were waiting on some other friends up from Florida who hadn't arrived yet. I suggested that we stop by Urge cause I kinda know the guy who owns it and he's pretty cool people (DexStarG doesn't give his $ to people who don't deserve it).

Man oh man, The crowd was sedate (as usual) but very friendly and all around good company. Check out some of the pics.

After about 2 drinks and a TONNE of friendly and wonderous conversations fro the patrons (and friendly go-go crew) @ Urge, We headed back to the first spot over on 1st Ave to meet up with Freamon & Jon.Es' friends.

Ok, I was told that they were like some rappers.... and that uhm, they was crunk. I was lookin at the crowd and they was lookin at me and I aint really see "RAP" in their eyes.


Ok, the name of the crew is YOMAJESTY4LIFE. They are kinda like 3 BRats or The Brat & Khia (with talent) mixed with a Femme version of Twister....... I cant describe them. All I can say is KRYPTONITE PUSSY IS MY NEW FAV SONG!!!!!!

The crowd knew them, wanted them, and MADE them perform. I aint never been to a party where the fans liked the artists music so much that they MADE them MF's perform under threat of violence. An Ive partied with The Blessed Lamb God a few times and she wasn't even gonna brush her lacefront in public without a a bucket of Popey's or SOMETHIN.

CHeck out YO MAJESTY4LIFE. BTW, I had to elbow a very nice white chick in her sternum for these pics. SHe didnt mind. She thought it was part of the show and offered to make me a sammich after it was over. :)

Iight. THEY WAS CRUNK. It was like a mosh pit but more aggressive and less violent. I loved every moment. 3 AM, time to head home, right?

Wrong! We live in NYC, BABY, the nights just starting...

SO we go to this place called [Name Redacted]. I know, you are like, "Why all the secrecy?" Cause its a hawt party and unfortunatly, hawtness like this isnt really endorsed by the post Juliani shitwads who spend their elder years getting back at every type of person that they wish they were but were scared to be in their youth.

Still confused?... uhm... Just get a taste of NYC below.

and by the end of the night, a brotha was beat. But yo, if you love what I do, let me know. Drop a comment. I am Human. I do thrive off praise.


Coco LaRue said...

I wanna go bar-hopping with you next time!

Peach said...

you take GREAT photos!! If you're ever in the bay let me know!!

70ssoulchild said...

Great pics! They are seriously crunkin'. Your pics make me feel like I was there but I was in Cali snoozin' away, lol!

Bored at Work said...

great pictures...I wish I were in there that night! the bro. in the pics at the top is finnnne!

Team Chunk Geek said...

Awesome pics! *swoons*


Anonymous said...

*Bangs head because I'm stuck in Charlotte, NC*

Great pics! I'll have to consult with you whenever I escape to NY!

-Chucha aka Mason Dixon.

dugla said...

Ummmmm, Dexy. i'm born and raised in NYC... you from Texas. Y the hell do you know about this shit and I don't?

Dex said...

Cause Im Dex! -- its funny, I lknow abotu stuff like this, but got cussed out for missing Remy Ma's Bday party @ Myst :( She wore a miniDress!!!!

Jo said...

Word Dex!

Anonymous said...

You are talented dude!!!!! You even managed to capture the mood of the atmosphere for us who were not there! miss our chats.


Anonymous said...

Hi Baby. Where's Malik pics? AS normal I bow down and instruct everyone (except one-who can simply just STFD) in this comment box to bow down to the great PhotoKing that you are.

*throw my Kodak DiscCamera from 1982 at you*
Thats what I'm rollin with!!

I love to see the end result of those daily 4 am text messages.

Dex+Camera vs. NYC!!!

Lola Falana said...

Now that is a part-tay!!

Jeremy said...

Ms. Voletta Wallace says: "Baby, look at me. Mama love you. And I know you ain't no little boy no more, but you'll always be my baby. Seems like only yesterday I was holdin' you in my arms. Now look at you now...Dexter. But I worry about ya. I worry about ya all the time. Hangin' out on the corner all times of night with that crew of, that ain't nuthin' but trouble. I've always taught you that you can have whatever you dream. Well, I want you to hold onto that dream, baby. Hold onto it real tight. Cuz the sky's the limit."

Anonymous said...

You've got talent boo!

I always enjoy stopping through and checkin out your photos. This time I was happy I got an added bonus of ass cheaks and dicks! =)

JaySpice said...

*mosies in the room*

What it do!! Great pics....but what did I expect from the one of the best photographers in NYC!