Tuesday, June 19, 2007

U Gotta Love Blk People!

Even the ones that dont consider themselves to be Black. :)

WHatsup People? Ya boy Dex has been busy gettin my photo hustle on tryin to supplement the income I lost by leaving Corperate America to pursue my dreams and some shyt.... One gig in particular has me shooting nightlife in NYC.

This past weekend, I had a busy Schedule. I shot some barely legal beauties that kept me feeling like a salacious Scout Master on a campsite -- with no one lookin. THat was ALL Day (5am Call time/ 3 locations/ didnt get home till 3pm). THen I went to shoot this Boat ride.

Funny thing about the boat ride, it was all NYC Latinos. U know, them Blk peolpe that speak spanish. Dominicans, Cubans, and of course, RIcans.


and thats All I have to say about that *giving the ENTIRE African Diaspora, especially the spanish speaking portion - the eternal side eye*

FYI, Black is black, so love yourself! :)


Anonymous said...

HA!! Don't folk know that YT only see's brown no matter the shade!! We all BLACK to them....

Beautiful shots as always. I get to see you in 1 month!!!

ms-errie hates company said...

Why do black folk pander to the lighter shade of brown ethnics who have made it clear that generally they want no association with Negroes?? I don't get us.