Thursday, May 17, 2007

You gotta Love 40/40 & King

Ok, My Homegirl, Brande is being kind enough to allow me to use her PC to update my blog.

Say "Thank You" :)

Yo, So I went tothis party at 4040 This past Tuesday. The T3 Agency & King Magazinethrew a party for Datwon Thomas.

Here are some of the pics.

So who is this that has my Homegirl Tomica cracking up? I would give you a clue, but it would be kind of anticlimatic. Its Darrra! No, Not Dora...., But Darra!

Ok, Funny thing... I know this chick. & she's COOL.

This is Me: "Hey LikeDat."

Like Dat: "Dexter, Right?! I aint seen you in a long time. How u been?"

THis is Me: "eh.who.what?"

Like Dat: *sensing my confusion* "Remember we was hangin together with [name redacted cause we dont hang no more and this is my blog and they lucky i dont take they pics offa here] on 7th Ave South?"

This is Me:" Uhm.... " *Awkward silence* "Yeah, he was tellin me we hung out whith you when we was watchin you on VH1, but you know my memory is kind of foggy."*wink*

LikeDat: *Big grin* "Dexter, you stupid." *giggle*

Now this is the point when most bloggers would get shady and make alot of jokes at her expense designed to entertiain their readers. I'll Leave that to Ninja. :)

Darra, is cool . Oh yeah, Kwame was there, and i bonded with DWoods. Quit playin!


Anonymous said...

Thats a lot of fogg if your ass couldn't remember FatlikeDat! (the fat is said with LOVE) She is the Smartest dumb girl I've seen in a while, or maybe the dumbest smart girl.

KWAME?!?! *pulls on my polka-dot bloomers* Damn where has he been?

Anonymous said...

You are all nuts! I love 40/40. I've been there a few times and the atmosphere was really peace.

Dex, you know every damn body! I'm still madd you know that guy from the post Fresh put up a couple weeks back with the goat feather outfit on! He looks like a fun person though.

Jojo said...

You are so cute. And your pics make me wish I lived in New York everybody always seems so damn happy and full of life.