Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jaslene, The Peoples Champ

I like it when It GIrls come and hang with the People. The people are the ones that made them, the people that support them, that love them and that want them to grow and prosper. Americas Next Top Model Jaslene is A Lady of the People. These pics, man -- Man, U cant tell me That I cant turn out a party. Heres the short of it. I had done my job for the night, and shot about 200 frames. I then made an quick detour to the bar and slid the bartender my likl drink ticket and in return, he slid me his #. Cute, but can a brotha get a vodka tonic? And while you at it, gimme back my drink ticket. Im swerving and getting bodied when i look up and see Vanity - 2007. I got back to work, whip out the Escalade, rims and all. and knocked out a few shots. My favorite part is when Jas got with the people.

In fact, I'd call her the peoples champ.


Anonymous said...

Beutiful shots as always. End of the week,I expect to be in one of those beautiful shots.

Anonymous said...

Jaslene's chin is sharper than a Ginsu!! But I like her. HA!!

CreativeTDF said...

Looks good Dex, looks absoulutely stunning. Work!

Coco LaRue said...

LOL @ Ninja's comment. The photos are HAWT, though!

~Sexy TX Gyrl~ said...

Taaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggg ur it!


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