Saturday, July 07, 2007

MEn Are From Mars - ATL Invasion

THis is just a temporary post. Dontae, I hope u LIke it :)

Whos Shoes are those? I'll tell you at the end of this post.

Whatup Crew?

Recently I've been doing my thing for the mags in NYC , tryin to work my way up -- er, i mean, make my way over to TRACE Magazine (my goal and really, if any of you guys can hook a brotha up, let me know) and along the way I get booked to shoot a party or two.

Well, over the Gay Pride, Uhm.. I mean, GEIGH Pride (Geigh guys are just a little more chic than regular old gays....) i got booked to shoot some parties for The promoters of Men Are From Mars and Bone-a-fide Party.

And man, those parties were AWESOME!

Seriously. Webster Hall. Ok yo.. To me, Webster Hall screams "Bridge and TUnnel Teeny Boppers and there Coke Addled Aunts/Uncles Partying the Night Away While Tryin Not to Melt Their Gel ANd Aqua-Net Supported Hairstyles " -- and their beaded necklaces... can't forget those, but man... was I impressed.

Atlanta came out hard core. And I loved it. The Skrippas Skripped. The boys were Boys and even some of the girls were boys (you know what I mean).

And speakin of Skrippas.....

I like to shoot them. Can you tell?

As the night went on, Special Entertainment.

ANd yeah, I met Bree From ANTM.. I was gonna tell her to tell her Moms and Pops I said "hi", but she was on a major trip wit the Captn and maybe Mr. Daniels so our convo stayed light and clubby.


Coco LaRue said...


Whycome you never take me out with you? I want to see skrippas like that, too!

JaySpice said...

Whoooooo lawd. I know I could count on you to brang it!

I see you are doing the damn thing. Congrats. Gorgeous pics.

Anonymous said...


Can't wait to come party with you. WAtch when I get there all we do is sit around doing daily devotions and talking about how to better ourselves....BOOOOOOOOOO!!

Ms-errie hates company said...

I SEE YOU JONTE..."Bitch You Better" werrrk!! And since when did the ATL boys become so open with all their wanton glory?? It was not too long ago when one would get a beat down if one was discovered with a camera, camera phone or video recorder in use at such an event. It's a whole new zesty world!!!

errie said...

Oh I see now, this was some NY juice, my bad. All makes sense now. Great pics.

WhozHe said...

Fantastic pics, titillating to say the least!