Thursday, June 04, 2009

First I found Myself


Finding Me the Movie is Awesome. I use caps because its True.

You know, I like this so movie so much that I ts hard for me to put it into words. So I'm just gonna lift a few from their myspace page

"This is a story of one young man’s journey to self-acceptance and self-love. This is also a story that lies close to our hearts, because we have all taken the trip to “Finding Ourselves”. “Finding Me” This story begins with a question, “What am I doing with my life?” Faybien Allen begins his journey to self-discovery with the aid of his two best friends, Amera and Greg. He also plays the teacher at times to these friends as well. Faybien’s father’s disappointment looms over any of his achievements or progress toward self acceptance until a stranger enters his life. Lonnie’s love for Faybien allows him to open his eyes, heart and mind. As he begins his journey he is introduced to a character, which proves just how harsh life can be and the unfortunate outcomes of poor decisions. This individual forces Faybien to accept his responsibility for his actions, and provides a new obstacle for him on his journey to self-acceptance. Faybien’s emotions are defined by guilt and sadness, because he has not accepted the loss of someone close to him. Will young Faybien accept who he is? Will he take responsibility for his life and gain control? Watch and see."

See... I told you it was good. :)

Check out flicks from the Screening party.

We started at the Quad Cine-plex over near Union square.

Then we headed over to ATE Ave. A cool spot with some good eats and socializing.

The Producers (Whatup S. Briggs!) are currently shooting a sequel to the flick. I cant wait.

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