Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greeting The Press

Question: What do Bloggers, Podcasters, Youtube VJ’s, and Online Journalists have in common?

Answer: They are the modern media personalities and communicators changing the way we receive data and information. Computer technology is making it faster and easier to create, produce and distribute entertainment and news content. Unfortunately, there is an all too small and exclusive group that have benefited from the financial success of this new wave of technology and services.

Yesterday, New York City based multi-media company, The Future, hosted a meeting for all the web bloggers and YOuTubers in the NYC area with hopes of targeting the Black LGBT consumer. The Future’s mission is to be leaders in the community by informing people around the world about whom we are and then empowering, entertaining, and engaging these people so that they may face the challenges of today’s society. They do this by reflecting a spotlight on stories about us that will encourage others to seek respect from a diverse and complex world, while showcasing diverse interests within Black LGBT culture spanning entertainment, news, social networking, business, travel, fashion and sports.

And for the Fashionistas our there: Check out the YSL's that Miss Sistah Honey was wearing... on a MONDAY. I luv women *sigh*

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